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Craigslist Illinois prostitute Discussion thre can be closed at any time at our discretion. FBI agents papered over the windows of the longtime Chicago alderman's office during their investigation Thursday morning. It makes much more sense from a public policy perspective that prostitution be regulated and contained to deated red light districts.

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Craigslist Charlotte NC sex I just called a couple of people who know about these things and they tell me that one of the easiest ways for police to round up a few workers of the Paid Sex Sorority is to wander along to Craigslist and take down some of the advertisers' particulars.

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Craigslist Illinois prostitute - Illinois Sheriff Sues Craigslist For Prostitution; Apparently Unaware Of The Law

Yup, that's what we need Now: Do you think that all of the Banks CEO's that destroyed our economy thought about anyone other than themselves?

Ima Fish5 Mar pm. Noah Body5 Mar pm. Sit tight, we're getting to the good stuff. Also, the age of consent varies from state to state. Paul Brinker5 Mar pm. Find Your Patch and more news of the day, including our most-read stories. Discuss: The Craigslist prostitution prosecution seems kinky. Now, Cook County has a point, people should not be pimping on the net, however, its their Police responsibility to catch the criminals, not CraigsList.

JRTomlinson5 Mar pm. That would be a good thing. Fucking is legal. Even in a normal economy their Corporate Junky Capitalist Friends are the cause of all of Americas money problems. She couldn't help it: he lost his job and could feed his family or pay the rent anymore. Today's announcement that Illinois' Cook County Sheriff is suing Craigslist for being the largest source of prostitution in America, seems extremely odd.

Be transparent. It seems like a case of biting the hand that feeds you and then pinches you in that little place you've never told your wife about. Welcome to the world that our earliest presidents warned us about. Local News. Dart called the fees "dirty money" and said the move was a "publicity stunt" that had little practical effect because pimps use stolen credit cards or post in free sections. The courts could save money by not having to prosecute men whose only crime was that they were horny. What does he know? Techdirt is one of the few remaining truly independent media outlets.

That's right, and men love to treat women badly. Have a Techdirt ? Theres no medical benefits, or k but at least you get to make your own hours. Thank Reply Share. Do we devote money to stop people from having sex or doing drugs, or do we put that money to keeping potholes Craigslist Illinois prostitute of our ro? For instance, "enlightened" states like Kentucky let you have sex at 16, so long as no one films it.

I am being interviewed by Craigslist Illinois prostitute News Chicago in about an hour for 'expert' comment on this story. Thank you for reading this Techdirt post. No racist, discriminatory, vulgar or threatening language will be tolerated. Close This This feature is only available to registered users. That is precisely why it should be legalised. Neither will blatant offers to perform sex acts for money. Comment Options: Use markdown. They are so backward and redneck that I guarantee that Lincoln is rolling over in his grave.

Don't be lazy, you'r COPS, go arrest these people, they have their contact info in the. I say we install spikes on every road and sidewalk to make it impossible for harlots to loiter and for cars to drive by and pick them up. Danny profile5 Mar pm. Make it Legal and you wont have all the problems.

Dart has called the Web site the largest source of prostitution in America. If we did not have ro and sidewalks, the prostitution figures would go way down. Weather Traffic U. FoxNews Chicago tonight - perhaps picked up by other Fox stations. Subscribe: RSS. The CEO of Craigslist has long maintained the postings on his site are legal.

I've never heard a little girl say she wanted to grow up to be a hooker. Chicago Weather: Mostly cloudy, breezy Tuesday. Your average adult prostitute, while a problem under the current system, is not near the problem that we have with underage girls who are sold into slavery for this purpose.

Anonymous Coward9 Mar am. Why trial could take years. For the first time, adult services will be screened before they're posted. In Register Preferences. The Banks run the world. Stupid Puritanical culture. Patrick Daley Thompson. It doesn't have to be this way. And the have the nerve to call themselves The Land Of Lincoln. Review the Patch Community Guidelines. Oh right, because this country is run by uptight prudes who think we should still be living in the s. That and several STD epidemics that were blamed on it.

We offer a variety of ways for our readers to support us, from direct donations to special subscriptions and cool merchandise — and every little bit helps. I was looking at the jobs openings at craigslist: Craigslist is now hiring for the following postitions: Graphic Deer, Business Analyst, Regional Director of Marketing and Hoes, lots of Hoes.

Let's all look Craigslist Illinois prostitute little deeper. Pritzker working to close loophole exploited vaccine mandate opponents. We do not have a giant corporation behind us, and we rely heavily on our community to support us, in an age when advertisers are increasingly uninterested in sponsoring small, independent sites — especially a site like ours that is unwilling to pull punches in its reporting and analysis. The last thing we need is a huge outbreak of STDs, as seen in many other countries with unregulated prostitution or unenforced prostitution laws.

If it's clear what their acts and intentions are we'll go after them with a fury as well," said Dart. The new rules took effect at midnight. As of early Wednesday afternoon, there were only three new. Anonymous Coward5 Mar pm. We know that prostitution has been around a long time. Why isn't selling fucking legal? For more information, see our privacy policy. Those who know him say he is apparently a very sexually uptight man, and co-workers snicker at him behind his back.

Register here. Because our government makes so much money from the convictions and jailing people. Make this the First Word Craigslist Illinois prostitute Last Word. Seriously, yes CraigsList is used for illegal purposes, but, its only a medium. Thank you.

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